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ZenPond | Whitepaper



ZenPond will give you the opportunity to become father/mother of the most beautifully colored Koi. In ZenPond you will be able to; breed, evolve, and grow these magestic fish. And Twitch streamers will be able to take advantage of the game to allow them to grow and interact with their communities in new ways.


Game Engine

  • Unity gaming engine

Game Details

  • Allows placement of rocks
  • Editing of pond shape
  • Installation of automatic feeder/s
  • Allows purchase from in game shops
    1. Feed
    2. Stock fish
    3. Plants
    4. Rocks (Types: limestone, Sandstone, River Rock, etc)
    5. Pond filter systems, fountains, waterfalls.
    6. Bridges, chairs, other ornaments
    7. Excavation rights (Enlarge the pond)
    8. Land - additional pond or large land size to keep expanding pond
  • Auras or effects on pond
  • Spawning events
  • Senbetsu (culling happens meow)


We wanted to build a game that was fun to play and something that would benefit streamers.

Twitch Overlay
  • Pond display (using unique IPFS URL)
    1. Can map to eth domain like RobertMeffe.eth
    2. We will provide you a subdomain (if possible this iteration) of {username}
    3. Possible URL will be{username}
  • Allows chat users to execute commands like: feed fish for channel or bit points
  • Allows chat users to gift items from game like feed and ornaments
  • Allows chat users to request to breed with a fish you own.
    1. Rights are simplified and is a straight off sprint split at random.
  • Allows you to sell your fish in chat.
  • Overlays (Pushed to Botsimio, Stream Elements, Stream Labs, ZenPond custom?)
    1. Fully customized look and feel
    2. Koi spawn
    3. Koi level up (Size of Koi over 1", color increase/color decrease)
    4. Gifts received by others


Game Mechanics
  • Koi are not NFT's by default.
    1. A spawning event can exceed over 100,000 fish depending on the number of females and their size
      • At least 60% being eaten or dying off
  • NFT's are created on demand
    1. Koi must be minimum of 4" in length
  • Overstocked ponds will generate disease
    1. Older more mature fish will live while younger fish will be auto culled
  • You can disable breeding, care, etc for a Koi by burning the NFT and it will be converted to Sterile / Immortal / No Changing. It will only swim around and look good
  • Parents will affect colors produced by their offspring
  • Koi traits
    1. Growth Rate (affects the rate of growth)
      • Koi grows up to 0.72 mm per day averaging 0.58 mm for the rest of the first year
    2. Colors and patterns categories
      • Kohaku
        1. White with red markings
          • White must be snow white
          • Red should be thick and vibrant whether it's orange/red or purple/red
          • Red should not extend below lateral line
      • Sanke
        1. White skin with red Kohaku pattern and black spots on the body
      • Showa
        1. Black skin with red/orange pattern and some white
      • Doitsugoi
        1. Type 1 - smooth skin leather
        2. Type 2 - large mirrored scales along lateral line
      • Bekko
        1. Type 1 - Shiro
          • White with black spots (very rare)
        2. Type 2 - Ki
          • Yellow with black spots
        3. Type 3 - Aka
          • Red/orange with black sports
      • Ogon
        1. One solid color
        2. Red, orange, platinum, cream or yellow (metalic or regular)
      • Tancho (considered lucky)
        1. Single red spot between the eyes of Kohaku, Sanke, and Showa
      • Utsurimono
        1. Type 1 - Shiro
          • Black with white markings
        2. Type 2 - Ki
          • Black with yellow markings
        3. Type 3 - Hi
          • Black with red markings
      • Asagi
        1. Red or orange belly extends to lateral line
        2. Red cheeks
        3. Light blue-gray upper body
        4. Scale edges white
        5. Pectoral fins red
      • Kinrin/Ginrin
        1. Shiny gold scales
        2. Shiny silver scales
      • Koromo
        1. White body with Kohaku pattern
        2. Blue clusters over the red
          • Type 1 - Budo
            • Red scales with black edging
          • Type 2 - Sumi
            • Red scales with blue edging
          • Type 3 - Ai
            • Red spots with black edging
      • (Need to update this with correct terms)
    3. Hardiness - affects life spawn and ability to survive conditions
    4. Attack Power - affects cannibalistic traits
    5. Swim Speed - affects attack speed
  • Cull event
    1. Remove koi you think will not have high value.
      • Base algorithim to determine trait rarity and estimated price based on market sales.
      • 0.3% survival rate (current estimate)

Pond Details

All ponds will begin in a standard layout and users will be able to augment them to allow for their own personal flare.

  • Young koi need 29 gallons per fish
  • mid-age koi need 50 gallons
  • Matured koi need 250 gallons per fish

Cramped fish causes disease or limited food resulting in death

  • Smallest pond is normally 1,500 gallons
  • Largest pond is normally 15,000 gallons


  • Python or NodeJS using SocketIO and redis back plane.
  • Websockets are used to communicate fish movement and bounds checking
  • Server tracks or creates events and fish.
  • Contract is used to manage all events.


  1. Items sold in the in-game store
    • Supply/demand/quality will affect sale price
  2. Users are able to create new "things" and sell them in the store
  • IVRL 15% royalty off sales
    • 1% goes to founders
    • 6% to IVRL inc. for hosting/etc
    • 5% split among the game creators
    • 3% to Twitch streamer
      • if game used by non-streamer 3% added to IVRL inc. for hosting/etc


Our goal with ZenPond is to casually introduce gamers to the world of crypto without the painstaking learning process and keep the experience fun and easy to use. As the crypto environment continues to be a challenging environment for professionals and enthusiasts alike, we are aiming to deliver products that are fun and easy to use. Our committment to ZenPond is to ensure an entertaining experience for all.