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Copyright AI | Whitepaper


AIC the IVRL copyright AI will be the next step in the fight against copyright infringement. The goal is to ensure that any new materials are verified as unique, once they have been verified to be unique the AI will provide a means for the person's material to be copyrighted.

Copyright enforcement has always been problematic. Industries have spent millions trying to combat the fight against infringement on their copyrighted materials. We at IVRL have developed an AI that will aide in that fight.

Supported Materials
  • Artwork in the form of digital files
    • Image analysis
  • Song/lyric analysis
  • Future expansion to ....

Failures in the Industry


For the average person or company fighting copyright can be cost prohibitive. Most industries that have fought copyright battles spend millions per year doing so. The cost in itself is enough to deter most from even contemplating a fight for their copyrighted materials.

Proof of Ownership

When someone owns a piece of land or physical asset the owner will have a signed piece of paper or certificate that represents the assets ownership. This document proves that the person holding the document is the owner of said asset. When it comes to other assets like; art, music, film, software, prototypes; this clear cut line begins to blur and it makes it harder to determine which of the claimants is the rightful owner of said property.


The brunt of costs associated with copyright is as a result of the legal battles that ensue as a result of claims to copyright. What IVRL will offer with the AIC product will be an easy way to prove whether the material that has been created infringes on another copyrighted material.

Proof of Ownership

Once IVRL's AIC product determines that a valid copyright doesn't exist it will give the owner the option to mint an NFT of their product which will be a permanent representation of ownership of their copyright to that material.


What key problem or need do you hope to address? How will your work impact the larger Ethereum ecosystem? Who will benefit from your work?



AIC will support crawling web/blockchain/IPFS to ensure protection of your copyrighted materials.

The IVRL AIC project is a closed source project. See the FAQs on our decision to make this project closed source.

  • Paid API access
  • Reverse copyright detection
    • Automated DMCA notices sent for you
  • Funding/profits go to our 501(3)c company that will help to defend creators from DMCA notices
  • Uploaded work into our system for sale can be opted in for seek and destroy

Phase 2

Human verification of fair use cases prior to sending notices.


Ideally Phase 2 would be automated but it's more complex than can be noted and we will be working to refine it to ensure that automation would be possible.


Copyright of materials should be protected and IVRL's goal is to ensure that your and our copyrights remain protected and defended. This tool will be used in several IVRL products to ensure that artists' creations remain theirs. An API will be available for other tools and companies to use with a paid subscription to allow them to secure their copyright materials. The end game is to make copyrights easier to obtain and enforce without the need for anyone to spend millions to defend their creations.