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I Stole This | Whitepaper


Ever wonder what the crappiest game ever invented is, LOOK NO FURTHER! IVRL brings you I Stole This Project


I Stole This began with founder discussions on the product inception nand was created as a project entry into the ETHGlobal Hackathon

I Stole This game will allow you to steal some really crap NFTs. The poop NFTs will vary in type from the normal poop to special poops like; stone, gold and diamond.

  • One winner per round
    • If you own a special poop you get a multiplier on rewards
      • Stone Poop - 4x
      • Gold Poop - 9x
      • Diamond Poop - 15x
  • Rounds will increase in speed the more players that participate
  • Everyone gets at least 1 poop NFT and 1 SPOOP token
  • Burn 10,000 of the same poop to make the next level of special poop
  • Poop factories
    • Burn 1,000 poop in the poop factory. It's a shame it's radio active.
    • Creates a turd burglar for every 1,000 poops burnt
      • Turd burglars are procedurally generated
      • Spend SPOOP to increase the rarity chances
      • Can have attributes like luck, money, etc
    • 10,000 SPOOP allows you to mint a poop monster
  • Round time is 10 mins with 1000+ players or 1 hour with 10 or less.
  • A player can enter an unlimited number of times per round and unlimited number of games

Push the button to join and try to steal the winning NFT.

  • Winners
    • treasure chest
      • contains a special poop
    • poop multiplier
      • Player already has a special poop the multiplier takes effect
        • Stone Poop - 4x
        • Gold Poop - 9x
        • Diamond Poop - 15x
  • Losers
    • 1 poop NFT
    • 1 SPOOP token



  • Svelte front end
  • Wallet integration using Web3Auth
    • Metamask
    • Torus Wallet
    • Wyre used for fiat on-ramps
  • Crosschain dApp
    • moralis db
  • OpenSea used for minting and tokens
  • AWS Serverless websocket
  • Solidity
  • Chainlink VRF implemented to select a random slot for the winner of next round
    • (Players * 10/100) + 2


  • 10% goes to the creators as always
  • 89% goes to the company
  • 1% is awarded to investors
Game Costs
  • A player may skip playing rounds and just pay the full round fee
    • Resulting in losing NFT mints
  • Each round costs minimum 50 cents to play


You can buy SPOOP at a rate of 1 SPOOP = (current round fee) 50 cents.

Upcoming Improvements

Post Hackathon

  • procedurally generated losing avatars


If for some reason this whitepaper doesn't satisfy you belief that this is in fact one crappy game, well clearly you should try it for yourself! Stole This