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Lucid Dream AI | Whitepaper


Lucid Dream AI is IVRL's music/art artificial intelligence generator which will learn from existing works to create new unique pieces. Those pieces will be created and minted as NFTs to ensure that that ownership transfers with the NFT.

Lucid Dream AI

The Lucid Dream AI product is being created to be integrated as part of our games but the goal of this product is to allow games to create their own content or use the content that we have created without fear of copyright infringements.

Lucid Phases

Phase 1 Music

  • Part of the musical world of Undici.
  • Songs and rifts can be submitted to the AI.
  • All submissions are factored in the Lucid Dream AI which will use them in conjunction with algorithms to generate original music.

Phase 2 Art

  • Very experimental.
  • Generates art based on user parameters.
    • Wall art canvas prints
    • NFT
    • Website
  • Different art tools, shaders, etc.

Phase 3 Branding / Logos

  • Added type/s to Phase 2 Art of the Lucid Dream AI
  • Allow businesses to create professional logos quickly.

Phase 4 Singing

  • Allow uploading of vocal tracks
  • Generated music to match vocals based on key and timing.

Phase 5 Lyrics

  • Fully synthesised vocals for digital idols

  • Lyrical generation based on Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    • We have data for this just not in the correct form.


Our end goal is to launch this new tool with Undici. Once the launch has happened the AI and generated assets will be available for use by other games.