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Noble Mist | Whitepaper


Noble Mist

Noble Mist will be a media aggregator this platform will become a one stop shop for all your media consumption needs.

In addition to the broad range of media that will be available through Noble Mist it will also allow you voice your opinion and review all media. Noble Mist will have a rating system to allow all individuals the ability to rate the media based on their enjoyment of that media. Users will also be able to write; articles, reviews, title descriptions; writers/authors on this platform will be rewarded for their hard work in keeping Noble Mist front and center.

Noble Mist's recommendation engine will make suggests for any media format that matches user preferences. This added complexity will set this product apart from others by; anonymizing the data, analyzing data, comparison of data markers between users, media comparison, media consumption time, and many more data points.

Phase 1


We are building a unified interface, the next evolution in media consumption

Types of Media
  • Movies
  • TV
  • News
  • Music
  • Games
  • Live streaming platforms
  • user currated items (tags, reviews, articles, etc)
  • user rewards system
    • achievements
    • user scores/rankings
    • Cliche coin reward
  • Expedited media inclusion
    • green lighting media
    • voting system
  • Web2 music searches
    • Update to web3 in phase 2
  • User profile opt-in/out of profile aggregation
  • Recommendation engine
    • bridging web 2 to web 3 across entertainment platforms for media consumption
    • onchain with oracle
    • child/ren rating system for media

Phase 2 Details

  • Child/ren profiles (with parental control)
  • NFT aggregator/integration
  • Metaverse integration
    • Interface
    • 2D media streaming
    • 3D objects
  • Web3 maps


  • valist
  • spotify/steam/twitch/...
  • moralis db
  • web3auth


  • Media greenlights
    • Auto includes media into system and search results

A percentage of revenue collected will go towards the reward system for Noble Mist


IVRL's vision of Noble Mist will become the first complete media aggregator. Noble Mist is looking to the future where media types are no longer siloed.