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IVRL Tournament Contract | Whitepaper


NFT contracts have evolved over time and we are looking to showcase the next step. The IVRL vision for the evolution of gaming NFT contracts are as follows; make them safer, more secure and easier for participants to use.

NFT Contract

This contract will be paid for by the participant/s the cost will include a base price and gas fee. Once payment transaction has completed an NFT will be minted that grants access to the game, tournament, and play a round within 48 hours. At the end of each tournament the pool will be divided among the winners. Winners will have a fixed time limit to call the contract to withdraw the money before the their prize is forefited. The address is checked for the KYC role during the withdrawal method if the KYC requirement flag was set during contract deployment.

  • New contract type that other NFT / blockchain games can build on to create memberships
  • Subscriptions
  • Tournament pools (optional KYC integration self-selected)
  • Tournament length
  • Built-in leader boards updated from Oracles
  • Player awards "automated income." "play-to-earn"
  • Daily maintenance fees to contract owners "DAO" or "Studio."
  • Events for easy website integration for web-based games
  • Shop system to spend automated rewards

Failures in the Industry


Trust has been an ever growing concern for so many in crypto, with seemingly legitimate projects failing to deliver or flat out "rug pulls" where investors are left holding the proverbial bag while someone makes off with the cash. Some days it feels like driving a car, bumps in the road and the occasional fender bender.

The impact is felt most by those individuals with stories about being scammed out of crypto whether it's via a; currency, exchange, or other projects, hearing their stories causes anyone to take pause. This type of behavior is as a result of poorly constructed contracts and/or lack of security for individuals.

Lack of Options

E-Sports continues to grow in popularity, skill and size. As the gaming industry expands the crypto tools and games are still in their infancy. In our search it unfortunately also included the NFT contracts that are used by the gaming industry.

The best our team could find was money driven E-Sports IVRL Tournament Contracts controlled by the owners and easily manipulated by the owners on who gets the money.

IVRL Tournament Contract Addresses Those Failures


IVRL wants something the community can use for their games. If people want to use it solely to run tournaments, that's great!


The ability to remove people is not built-in by design. If cheating is suspected, they should not advance in the leaderboard.

Lack of Options

The IVRL Tournament Contract will allow tournament holders a better solution to the contracts available for E-Sports.


IRVL is dedicating its' resources to producing better tools and resources for the crypto community. We expect that the details we provided gained your trust on why our IVRL Tournament Contract is better than the rest. Our end goal is to launch this new contract with our first game. Once the launch has happened, the IVRL Tournament Contract will be available for others to use with their games.