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Undici | Whitepaper

The Next Generation of Gaming


Gaming industry fast forward, in 2020 the industry reported revenue of $159B. The gaming industry's average annual salary is ~$80,000 as compared to gamers that play professionally who average a salary between $12,000 - $60,000 annually. Most gamers augment their income using streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Gaming to showcase their talent and personalities to a larger audience.

NFT gaming started out on the Ethereum blockchain with Etherea in 2015 and since then has evolved to include many themes, cultures and styles of games. One of the most successful NFT games, Axie Infinity, hasn't even launched yet and the token's market capitalization is 24 on the charts at a whopping $9.6B.

With the recent announcement of the Metaverse, NFT gaming may evolve directly into a virtual world. Once this happens the possibilities are endless and there are no limits on the creativity or the scope gaming will have on the world.

Now the music industry fast forward, in 2020 the industry reported revenue of $23.1B. The music industry's average annual salary is ~$50,000. The vast majority of artists make no money from their trade.

The music industry has been riddled with problems around piracy spending ~$2.7B annually to fight this ongoing battle.

Record labels have been signing artists for decades but long term contracts are a thing of the past. You are only as good as the last song you released.

The recruitment sources that the music industry has used have changed significantly in the last 20 years. It's gone from scouting talent at smaller venues to YouTube and TikTok being a source where talent is scouted. And many musicians will never get scouted but these entertainment platforms have provided a medium for them to use and sell their skills to a large audience without ever signing a contract.

Undici the Stars of the Future


Undici is a combined creation of projects and visions of three individuals; Robert, Dan and Ryan.

We all met each other through streaming. The coincidental set of events has initiated a project that we all believe will be immensely successful. What brought us to the table? Robert's experience with AI, business, and crypto. Dan's experience with network infrastructure, development with a focus on automation, and documentation. Ryan's experience with game mechanics, game design, and implementation. These traits are only part of the story as we all started out as separate streamers. Dan happenstance met Robert while he was multiboxing World of Warcraft and Robert met Ryan when they happened to be in the same streamers chat. These chance meetings lead to Undici.

In Undici all avatars are NFTs and will have different stats. You can gain NFT items ingame to boost your avatars' stats. With your avatars you will be able to build a band, buy studio time and see what they can produce. A new NFT song will be created with each studio experience.

Undici will allow you as an artist to create your own NFT art and music. A smart contract website will allow submission of your unique art/music to the game. Submissions may include; clothing, accessories, rifts/style training, audio banks, and songs. Support will be available for both 2D and 3D objects.


Artists will have access to three system replaceable colors; primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Musicians will be able to create NFT rifts/styles like blues/rock/punk that can be applied to an avatar to change the music that avatar generates in the studio.

Bands can upload albums and sell them on the market place for others to listen to and use. Available rights are listed when purchasing the NFT. Currently finding music to use with video is extremely complicated due to synchronization rights.

The Undici system will have a large assortment of custom sounds. These custom sounds could lead to building the largest synthesizer bank in the world. Musicians have the ability to upload custom banks of guitars played on old tube amps or of an old grand piano. Each avatar/instrument needs a custom sound assigned during Studio Time for the AI to generate music from these banks.

Undici will also be joining the Metaverse, to allow you not just to play our game but to fully experience it in an immersive environment. Our goal is to not just bring the gaming industry a new game but to generate something that will live on and change the way we listen to music.

Failures in the industry

NFT Projects

A massive influx of NFT projects has been driven by a massive demand but where is the value? The value of the projects are either as a result of rarity or the project that the NFTs are associated with.


These NFTs all face similar challenges, two of which are; that the NFTs are only useful online and they can be susceptible to theft.

Market Saturation

Gaming in general is a growing market but the player base is limited to the number of people in the world that play games or can play games. This means that each game at some point will reach a point where its user base has grown to a maximum level. Some games don't survive this saturation point because the game makers have planned poorly or the user base loses interest in the game and its direction.

NFT games in particular, are specifically targeting crypto enthusiasts which reduces their maximum growth potential excluding a large number of potentially viable users.

User Acceptance

This is a key part of a successful game, gamers must want to play the game. If there is any friction between those that play the game and the direction the game is heading this is when games lose user's acceptance the collateral damage is a decrease in the number of concurrent active users.

User Retention

The gaming industry battles this problem constantly. There are many things that can affect user retention which is one of the reasons why this is such a large problem in the industry.

Undici Addresses Those Failures

NFT Projects

Undici is a NFT game and being an NFT project we recognize there is a risk of theft. We will be working with some custodial services to come up with a way to play the game and not lose everything. We will be able to offer rollbacks for some transactions but other types won't allow rollbacks. These will all be outlined once the game goes live.

Undici also recognizes that most NFT projects are strictly online and although our major footprint will be online we will also be integrating some unique ways to advertise who you are in game and hold impromptu concerts. In addition we will be integrating with the Metaverse so the new In Virtual Real Life (IVRL) concerts and band battles will allow gamers to fully immerse themselves in the game.

Market Saturation

The global population currently sits around 7.7B people and of that number ~2.69B are gamers. Realistically every game will reach a saturation point but this is what Undici is doing to ensure our saturation point is as high as possible.

Undici isn't just targeting the gaming industry but also the music industry. We are aiming to rally our game around both industries and make a lasting impact.

We will offer players the ability to sell their own art and music. Players will also have the ability to purchase Studio Time with their bands to create music NFTs. A fame mechanic will be added to the game so that players can track their road to fame.

Undici's target audience will include but isn't limited to artists, musicians, gamers, people interested in crypto (new crypto users and not sure how to get it), and the elderly (with mini games to stimulate their minds).

User Acceptance

Undici will provide a user-friendly environment for the sale of art and music, and the purchase of NFTs which will allow players to own their band's music and items that will enhance their avatar.

You might be thinking, what happens to all those NFTs that get minted but never get claimed? Well Undici thought of that too. We will collect those NFTs and hold it in a legal fund to defend the player base against DMCA lawsuits. Our user base matters to us and if you stick with us we will stick with you.

The custodial services we will be offering will allow non-technical users to play without ever needing a wallet. These services will also offer a bridge between our currency and other crypto currencies. That bridge will allow the storage of our currency in custodial wallets with the potential for yield farming.

The game isn't play to earn, we'd like you to see it as play to entertain.

User Retention

Undici will be requesting feedback from 100 users at the end of each cycle to determine the overall feeling from the community. We value the community's feedback as this will be a driving force to ensuring retention.

We will have development goals that will target; events, improvements and other items to further improve Undici.

In addition, we wouldn't build a game that we wouldn't play ourselves so each of us will also be playing alongside the community to see how we can better Undici.

The Undici community will be able to play and interact with developers during live streaming events which will be scheduled.

Guiding principles

Undici isn't just a game to us, we want it to be more. We want the best quality game and are pushing for setting new industry standards. We are always learning and as a result this encourages us to be resourceful. Transparency is also important to us and if we experience any outages or other related issues, you will be informed what happened as soon as we are able to diagnose the cause and provide a patch. You matter to us and we will be doing our best to help the community by working together to ensure the best user experience.


EIP-1155: Multi Token Standard

All avatars, items, songs, rifts/styles, places, the world and our own tokens will be implemented using EIP-1155 for maximum portability. This also allows minting of randomized rarities, multiple copies/limited editions items, and so much more.

Game Asset Compatibility

The game world along with its assets will be implemented using glTF 2.0.0 from the Khronos Group.Sample Viewer: The file format already supports most major browsers and virtual headsets. Being an open standard our team feels this is the best path forward for interoperability with the Metaverse.

Alternative Payment Methods

As our game grows we will provide our own liquidity pools behind the scenes to allow seamless and quick processing of various crypto currencies via bridges. Due to other currencies having high withdrawal times of days and weeks we will provide our own pools to get the best rates when conducting exchanges. We plan to support most major crypto currencies to purchase in-game assets.

AI Music/Art Generation

The heart of the game centers around its ability to allow (fully and non) interactive methods to create and build when entering a studio. In order to accomplish this we are setting up a temporary studio and recording tons of original and out of copyright source music. This will be used by our AI to create base models. The work is back tested on differences that we are creating derived from work like the โ€œStochastic Processesโ€ and the ground breaking work of the late Iannis Xenakis. The back testing is meant to serve as an automated process to screen unusable results. The final models will be used as the base in the game then other variables will be applied like rifts/styles or even someone's own partial song to have the rest generated. After the song is generated the musical instruments are then applied.

Once we have established our core business, art will become a focus, although it is uncharted territory for us it's also of great importance and interest. We plan to introduce our AI to art and painting to create AI generated artwork.

Motion Capture

Undici will be using motion capture as part of the Metaverse integration where artists will be recorded with instruments down to the finger movements for our AI. Using GAN networks Undici will provide the most advanced animation down to the finger movement for our avatars. When concerts are played in the Metaverse the audio will be matched perfectly to the playing, even musicians won't be able to distinguish the difference.

During the same musician recording period we will have local weapons and hand to hand combat experts in the studio to capture advanced fighting animations.

The combination will result in Undici having the most advanced animations and wire frames in augmented reality and the Metaverse.

Our Fees

All transactions over a fixed amount (determined at a later date) will be susceptible to a 3% tax. This cost is comparable to current credit card processing fees.

An in-game item shop to customize your avatar will be available for NFT transactions. The item shop will host Undici NFTs as well as creator NFTs. Any creator NFT that changes hands will be subject to a creator royalty of up to 10%.

Brand Partners

Next generation marketing with in-game product placement. All partners will go through a vetting process. Some examples would include clothing or musical instrument manufacturers who could offer virtual items in-game as mintable NFT's or limited edition giveaways. With the direct relationship our brand partners are able to create items normally not permitted by the system.


As avatars purchase NFT merchandise to improve their avatar the NFT they purchase will be uncolored. To colorize those NFTs avatars will have two options that include; primary, secondary, and tertiary colors provided to them. The base pricing will allow the use of the three primary colors; blue, red, and yellow. The other option will be for a random color which will be 10% cheaper than the primary color option. Selecting the random color option will allow for unique and ultra rare colors but it will also be more difficult to obtain matching sets.

IVRL and Real Life Concerts

Offering bands the ability to play in Metaverses or in augmented reality, the next evolution in silent raves.

Starter Packs

Any individual who doesn't have an Ethereum wallet address before the specified block number will not get access to the airdrop. As a result they will have the ability to purchase one of several starter pack options similar to other traditional games. Avatars are not required to play the game; they are however needed to earn the most in-game currency and access the most advanced features.

Custodial & Yield Farming

Due to the various ways to earn money in game we will offer directly or via third party custodial services to allow users to play the game without a wallet. Allowing them to store the currency or swap via bridges (to ETH/BTC/other crypto currencies) and take part in yield farming. We will charge a nominal percentage fee for maintenance and administration.

Leasing of Open Assets

The Undici player base will be purchasing avatars, animations, instruments and various other NFTs which may be cost prohibitive for companies. To that end, other companies will have the ability to lease Undici assets through licensing via NFTs. Our standard licensing does not allow for use of our assets without licensing agreements in place. Additional details on the leasing process will be available at launch.

Undici Tokens

The Undici ecosystem will contain two tokens; the first will be the base token that all players receive known as CLICHE and the second will be the STUDIO Time token.

Cliche Token

The Undici Cliche token will be the in-game currency used in PvP/PvE modes and will be the main currency used in the Undici store. When Cliche are spent for PvP/PvE modes and you are victorious you will have a small amount of Cliche rewarded back to you. The store will allow you to buy items of all kinds varying from but not limited to; boosts, bonuses, tokens, and NFTs. Anytime Cliche are spent you will also earn a small amount of Studio Time, to allow our F2P player base the enjoyment of playing Undici without requiring investments.


Cliche will be earned in the following ways.

  • Daily login bonuses
  • PvP and PvE questing
  • Daily quests
  • Weekly quests
  • Spending of Cliche or Studio Time tokens

Studio Time Token

In Undici the Studio Time token will be the focal point of NFT creation.


The following methods will be used in order for you to earn Studio Time.

  • Studio Time Token to be mineable
  • Rate of mining will be revealed after game launches
  • Studio Time tokens can be earned through spending Cliche.
  • Studio Time tokens can also be purchased in the store using the Cliche token.

Additionally we will be rewarding the spending of Studio Time tokens with earning some Cliche tokens.

Coin Generation

Coins will be generated via fixed time lock intervals and sent to the games service accounts.

Coin limit

Cliche Tokens

  • limited to 100 billion in generation.
  • Not a stable coin but we intend to keep it inline with real currency for ease of use.

Studio Time Tokens

  • limited to 10 billion in generation.

Burn Events

Undici will be implementing burn events in the system if the circulating supply is deemed to be too large. During a minting cycle if the Undici system determines the token is out of line with; the projected price, the volume, or flow of the economy is stable, the tokens will be burnt as part of the minting cycle. This will permanently reduce the maximum token supply.

Burn events will be announced across and follow the EIP-1155 network standards so that exchanges have full visibility.


Our end goal is to have a lasting impact on the gaming and music industries, by reshaping the way we think about music. Our commitment is to excellence. We want Undici to be a game that is talked about at; school, work, the dinner table, ... and we won't stop until that happens.

Thank you for reviewing our whitepaper and we look forward to an exciting future that includes you as part of Undici.