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Undici | Game


Undici will be the main focus of our gaming universe.

Undici will change the way we listen to music and will promote the creation of music and art allowing creators to sell their creations as NFTs.

In Undici all avatars are NFTs and will have different stats. You can gain NFT items ingame to boost your avatars’ stats. With your avatars you will be able to build a band, buy studio time and see what they can produce. A new NFT song will be created with each studio experience.

Undici will allow you as an artist to create your own NFT art and music. A smart contract website will allow submission of your unique art/music to the game. Submissions may include; clothing, accessories, rifts/style training, audio banks, and songs. Support will be available for both 2D and 3D objects.

  • 1 to XX avatars can join you in the studio at a time to make music
  • Avatars
    • Skills
      • Guitar, keyboard effects the song
      • Rift style NFTs you own that you wish to select
    • Equipped
      • Interment (Name brand guitar sound bank)
    • Any base song you wish to upload. (Song in progress)
The Community
  • Artists will have access to three system replaceable colors; primary, secondary, and tertiary.

  • Musicians will be able to create NFT rifts/styles like blues/rock/punk that can be applied to an avatar to change the music that avatar generates in the studio.

  • Bands can upload albums and sell them on the market place for others to listen to and use. Available rights are listed when purchasing the NFT. Currently finding music to use with video is extremely complicated due to synchronization rights.

The Undici system will have a large assortment of custom sounds. These custom sounds could lead to building the largest synthesizer bank in the world. Musicians have the ability to upload custom banks of guitars played on old tube amps or of an old grand piano. Each avatar/instrument needs a custom sound assigned during Studio Time for the AI to generate music from these banks.

Undici will also be joining the Metaverse, to allow you not just to play our game but to fully experience it in an immersive environment. Our goal is to not just bring the gaming industry a new game but to generate something that will live on and change the way we listen to music.

Read more about this project in our Undici Whitepaper