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How the Founders Met

All the founders met streaming video games and crypto. The game is a culmination of Robert’s (Lead founder) verais AI related companies and projects he has been working on for the last 7 years. A dash of blockchain software for the last 5 years.

Robert decided in the start of 2021 when his large client terminated their contract that he was going to devote all his time to his crypto software. The final driving push was the loss of another client. As March approached Robert's AI Crypto Trading software had already netted ~$60,000 over the course of 4 months with the initial investment of $8,000 from crypto mining on his deep learning racks. The AI was good at predicting large crashes and recoveries, months, even quarters, ahead. All he needed to do was finish the automated trading and prove the model to be able to raise VC funding to expand the business. When Robert’s viewers and followers became concerned about his shoulder pain, they urged him to look after it, resulting in a break from programming.

At this time, a viewer from stream, Dan, contacted him with a business idea. They began to go back and forth, one idea led to another which progressed until, what came together was reasonable and had growing market potential. Better yet progressing to a minimum viable product (MVP) would be easier but something was missing.

Dan went through a tough period of time, during those three months, his family had been informed his wife’s cancer had spread to her abdomen and she would undergo more chemo treatments. In late July she was hospitalized after only two chemo sessions. It took over a week to get a diagnosis for the incapacitating headaches she was experiencing. Leptomeningeal disease, and she was given at best three months to live. Dan’s wife passed away August 31st, 2021, and has a 5 year old son. Even with this tragedy Dan has continued to communicate and discuss strategies for this project

Enter Ryan, a chance encounter in Valactra’s stream. Ryan raided Robert’s stream the night before. Robert was with Ryan the next night discussing their mutual admiration of Zug Valactra (Robert got a partnered stream to raid him also, end my stream early; the rest was MAGIC). Ryan’s lore stories are by far the best Robert had heard and answered more questions about World of Warcraft than any text in the game ever did for him. So, they started to work on a stream-driven community game. As they chatted, ideas were were distilled into their purest form. The goal was to start a fundraiser on Twitch on Oct 1st or a backup date on Oct 31 as the projects began to merge this goal changed into something larger.