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Undici Re | Whitepaper

Memorializing Your Loved Ones

IVRL knows all too well that loss is a painful thing to deal with and it differs for person to person. We wanted to offer something/somewhere special that people could visit with their loved ones who have passed away. Grand father, Grand mother, mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, child; they are all special people to us and deserve more than; a note in a paper, a headstone, spreading of ashes, celebration of life, a wake. IVRL is pleased to announce Undici Re where they will become eternals.

Undici Re

Undici Re is a world inside a world, it is part of our Undici Project. The goal of this project is to allow you to memorialize your loved one the way they deserve to be. IVRL knows that it means a lot to you to have a place, a sanctuary, that is theirs that you can visit to be with them. A place where you can still interact with them; for closure, to help with grief, for future generations, or simply hear their voice again. Eternals in Undici Re are the virtual representation of your loved ones.

Project Details
  • Plot of land for memorial
    • day/night cycle
      • fixed
      • variable
    • weather cycle
      • rain/snow/clear/cloudy/etc
        • fixed
        • variable
    • locations
      • beach/tropical/swamp/urban/rural/etc
  • Your loved one
    • 3d rendering of loved one from old photo/s
    • Voice deepfake from old video/s using audio sampling
    • housed in crypt, mausoleum, their old home, etc
  • Allowing visitors
  • Wakes/funerals/events

Failures in the Industry


The average funeral home allows you to purchase a plot or mausoleum to hold your loved one once they have been buried or cremated. It is an amazing thing that we are able to do for our loved ones. The problem is that this purchase is in a fixed location.

Family members may not even live in the same city as the plot of their loved one, so it requires travel time and money to visit their loved one. People move and travel which means they can't always be close to their loved one. What about future generations? Will they know their ancestors from a plaque or headstone?


When it comes to a memorial for your loved one, they usually come in the form of; a sentiment on a plaque or headstone, a piece of writing in a newspaper or social media post. These all get lost over time or forgotten.

Undici Re Addresses Those Failures


No matter wear in the world you live, if you've moved, you've aged, mobility challenged; we want to make it easy for you to be able to visit your loved one/s. Our plots will be available to you 24/7 from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You will be able to make the plot private, limiting access to only some people, or public, allowing everyone to view and see why your loved one was so special to you.


IVRL aims to provide your loved one/s with the memorial they deserve. Undici Re will provide plots that can be customized, including a virtual representation of your loved one that will allow you and visitors be able to interact with your loved one/s.


IVRL hopes that Undici Re will be a place that brings peace and closure to those that need it. A place that future generations can interact with their ancestors. We want your hearts to heal and by creating this product I hope we will do that for everyone affected by the loss of a loved one.



While at it's core Undici Re follows Undici's format. The core and heart of the system is the open format of the file structure. Removing the limits of current 3D engines and allowing us to plan for the future when we can render in such a high resolution even the eye will not be able to tell the difference.

Server-side Rendering

Aiming for the most breathtaking, life-like experience that will give top 3D cinematic films a run for their money we know most people will not have the hardware to render the game. We will be using an unannounced blockchain for game rendering distribution and streaming the video back in real time to end users. IVRL as a whole feels to do this project justice it has to use the best graphics possible to honor loved ones. Undici Re is designed to always be rendered in 4k resolution or higher.


Originally proposed for Undici however our team felt bandwidth would be a big concern along with mobile connection problems.


Land is limited, and we will never expand on it. Instanced versions of mausoleums exist allowing a family to create a space for everyone to be remembered while not needing more than one plot in our world. We offer a variety of spaces for your loved ones to make sure you can capture how they would have wanted to be remembered. Including options like mountain tops that always have a clear nighttime sky filled with stars. To a peaceful stream for fly-fishing.

Real World Cemeteries

Accessed via the main structure in the world; you can access any real life cemetery that has partnered with us. Cemeteries that are historical in nature and no longer active (not accepting new burials) if granted permission we plan to add in order to preserve history. Scanning in a cemetery is not a quick process. Depending on the size requires a team of people and 100's of hours of work. Each headstone has to be carefully photographed to make sure not a single detail is missed.


Our most ambitious project of any we have planned. Combining all of our AI knowledge and audio abilities we want to be able to recreate your loved one in virtual space for eternity. Allowing future generations to finally get to know their great grandparents. Personality is something we would really love to tackle however we are not sure how to, just yet. Our initial implementation will allow for a full 3D scan based on photos and voice based on audio recordings. Spoken interaction will need to be provided by you. We may be able to provided basic AI interactions however our team has mixed feelings on such a system without being able to capture the person's personality in some way. At least with defined interactions you can personally capture their wit, charm, sarcasm or humor even if it's on a few lines.

Bridging Realities - What We Do

The working idea is to create a physical real world location in a trust to build a memorial wall so that when names are minted to the blockchain we will add them to the wall. Another goal would be adding an annual backup of the physical wall to Undici Re. Allowing the whole world to be recreated in case of the pending Zombie Apocalypse we keep hearing is right around the corner.


All fees after land purchased are based on cost we incur related to additional storage or blockchain gas fees. We are working on a list of what comes with each land sale as different package options may be available, like spousal land.

Land Upgrades

Expanding land to be a crypt. Allows you to build an entire space for your whole family. You are able to define a "gateway" or portal like the doorway to transport you to the crypt. Size of the crypt can be upgraded at any time and is charged based on space utilization.

Additional Names

If you upgraded to a crypt or have the space to add more names. There is a small fee charged to add the name to blockchains. This is not something we can currently avoid. Optional real world plate can be added.

Real World Plate

A basic option that is included with the land. We will have more details on this later. Additional names added to your land will incur a separate plate fee when purchased. This fee is to cover the cost of materials and labor. Ability to purchase different materials or designs may be available. We are open sourced and our bills are itemized. DWG files will be available if you wish to make your own and send to us to attach. Plates must meet DWG file dimensions. Only fee that is charged in this case is a very minor labor charge for attachment.

Real World Plate Ceremonials

While we will not be able to accept a body or ashes, unless pressed into a diamond and inserted into the plate or something to that effect. You will be allowed to hold a ceremony if scheduled and attach the plate yourself free of charge.


We hope that Undici Re is as meaningful to you as it is to us. IVRL believes that everyone who has lost someone deserves the opportunity to be able to memorialize their loved one in the way you believe they should be. Grief isn't easy for anyone to deal with but we hope that this will help you heal.