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I Stole This is live!

· 2 min read

After watching hours of crypto feeds on Tiktok, listening to analysts, reading whitepapers, people in crypto aren't without humor but they take crypto far too seriously. So, what did we do?

We designed a game that everyone will want to play for shits and giggles. You can build the best poop you can, make it one awesome turd! Be proud of your poops and show them off to your friends. You won't get skid marks from this and you'll never wonder where the toilet paper all went. What you may wonder is how the crap did we think of this? Have a go at our I Stole This Project details.

And if you think that the project details is going to make you want to yell "CODE BROWN" well you ain't seen nothing yet, check out the I Stole This Whitepaper


Sick of everything going on with NFTs? Beginning to think it's all crap? Well, we have just what you want crap! Compete to steal the winning NFT using your DMCA take down skills, steal the prize from everyone else or just get poop for failing. Truly a once in life time opportunity to own something bigger then a rock that's complete and utter crap. Stole This where every bad thief is still a winner, with crap in their hands.